i might need jesus!

its about 6:48am and its pitch black dark outside. im at work and i want to sleep. what is keeping me up? god bless coffee and god bless fucking CODY ROSS! i think im still hella amped from last nights win!!

lets discuss the amazingness that was last nights game.

NLCS game 1 in philadelphia. giants vs phillies. tim lincecum vs roy halladay.

(wait, sidenote: fuck fox sports, john buck is an idiot.)

did you read the sports news this past week since the giants beat the braves? all this talk about the freak vs doc. i think even i wrote about it! (eh kinda.) both pitchers had amazing games in their division series. tim with 14ks, CG, shutout and doc with a no-no. i read an article where it broke down the pitching of both players from those 2 games. who was the better pitcher? stats said tim. the guy who wrote that article is right when he says that just because you throw a no-no doesnt mean it is the better game, its how you do throughout the entire game. tim is known to start off the first couple innings kinda shakey. he needs to get into a rhythm. last night he got hit off of twice, ruiz (wtf?!? seriously) and werth (goddamn yeti). and doc, well cody ross now has complete ownage on him and i like it :)

as usual, mr javier lopez was exceptional and brian wilson made my heart race. oh my dear, im going to need jesus after this season…

let me get this out: FUCK DERRYL COUSINS! hp ump last night was terrible, just terrible. the most inconsistent strike zone i have ever seen. he would call a ball and then the same pitch, 2 pitches later he would call a strike. SAME PITCH, SAME LOCATION. get the fuck out cousins, i hope you get your ass fined. im not the best lip reader, but im pretty sure i saw lincecum say “motherfuckin asshole” after cousins called a pitch a ball when it was clearly a strike. oh and that FOX TRAX thing was in cahoots with cousins because the only times it popped up was when cousins actually got shit right. also it would show the ball going to the outside/inside corners when it was really right down the middle. hella dumb. i know i know, i didnt go to umpire school and im just a civilian in civilian clothes who should probably just stick to my day job, but fuck that! im a giants fan and i criticize, bitch, and tell you how i feel! so derryl cousins can s on a d!


okay, thats it for my umpire rant :)

i knew we could get doc. went to my buddys yesterday to watch the game and at the very end, there was a sweet embrace between me and like 3 other dudes, tall ones i might add, and even though it was game 1, it was a joyous occasion. i got squashed, but it was worth it.


on to game 2….

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